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Live performance and workshop:

A live music concert and workshop featuring music formats like pop, jazz, hip hop, country and gospel for students at middle and high schools across the country. Also addaptable for adult programs.


SJSF features several classically trained artist including Josh Vietti - violin, Kim Scott - flute , Marcus Anderson- Prince's saxophone player, Kyshona Armstrong - vocals and acustic guitar and David Sides - piano prodigy. 


Combined David Sides, Josh Vietti and the rest of the SJSF have amassed over 196 Million Youtube views and over 410,100 subscribers world wide. David and legendary music icon Quincy Jones created an online teaching software called “Playground Sessions” which teaches - step by step - how to play your favorite songs on the piano. Yamaha Music Corporations and Guitar Center are corporate partners for Playground Sessions. 



On Line Education:

Playground Sessions created by David Sides and Quincy Jones is a groundbreaking piano software that teaches you how to play the piano online, using your favorite songs you know and love. Playground's advanced technology uses video tutorials, real-time interactive feedback and elements of gaming like background music, scores and progress charts, so you learn faster and have more fun in the process.


Perfect for all levels, Playground has hours of interactive video tutorials starring YouTube sensation David Sides. Pick your favorite song and learn from David Sides right away!  

Live Music Workshop  ( for students and adults ) 

Highschool workshop @ Seabreeze

David Sides talks Playground Sessions

Makes learning as much fun as playing! Play your favorite songs!

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